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Service and Technical Support

Pre-Sale Service
We provide samples if the buyer can bear the freight charges.

Service during the Sale
We provide 1% quick-wear parts delivered along with products, and the lead time is 60 days.

After-Sale Service
The warranty lasts for 3 years for motors and 1 year for other electronic components. Customers can send the damaged parts of products on offer for replacement within the warranty period.

Other Special Services
1. We can provide design scheme for reference.
2. Product maintenance and installation training are also available if required.
3. OEM service can be offered.
4. The supervision for material purchase schedule will be performed by us every 15 days, and after that we will send the supervision report to customers. For the existed problems or difficulties, we will patiently communicate with customers to figure out a viable solution.


How to select an appropriate ceiling fan?
For a layman, several factors should be taken into account for selecting an appropriate ceiling fan, including the size, installation height, style and the practicability.

1. Size
The size of the ceiling fan is up to the space size. You can refer to the following table for details.

Diameter Suitable Space Size Suitable Place
42"  6-12m2      Dining room, guest bedroom, child bedroom
48"  10-15m2 Dining room, guest bedroom
52" 15-25m2 Drawing room, master bedroom
More than 54" More than 25m2 Drawing room

Surely, the above mentioned is just for basic reference and the fan size also depends on the air flow requirements of customers. The ceiling fan in larger size will come with higher air blast capacity. For rooms with poor air circulation conditions or for regions with hot weather, large ceiling fans are recommended for appropriate air blast volume.

2. Installation Height
Generally, the hanger rod length largely depends on the installation height of the ceiling fan. An appropriate installation height means that the distance from the fan blades to the floor should be more than 2.2 meters. It is unsafe and the air blow effect is poor if the installation height is less than 2.2 meters. You can read the following information for reference:

A. If the installation height is 2.7-3 meters, the originally configured hanger rod is applicable and suitable for any type of fan.

B. If the installation height is 2.5-2.7 meters, the shortest hanger rod is appropriate and the ceiling fan light should not be so long.

C. If the installation height is more than 3 meters, the hanger rod length equals to the difference value of the installation height and 2.8 meters. Certainly, the hanger rod length cannot be completely consistent with that difference value, and customers can choose the hanger rod with a length most approximate to that difference value.

3. Style
The style of the ceiling fan mainly depends on your favor. What's more, it should be compatible with the decoration of the space. Still, you can choose the style you like for a try, and maybe you will get an unexpected surprise.

Usually, the ceiling fan should be elegant for drawing rooms, nimble for child bedrooms and colorful for women's bedrooms. Besides, the bamboo ceiling fan is suitable for pastoral decoration style.

4. Practicability
Whether the ceiling fan should have a light and the light numbers are determined by lighting requirements. The fan with a light is more beautiful than the ordinary one, although it is not for illumination but only for ornament.

In addition, you can choose the pull bead chain for speed control. Remote control or wall control is also adoptable for use convenience.